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Since the deregulation of the telecoms industry in the UK, the one constant has been change. Our courses are designed to make sure that your whole team is equipped with the most up to date knowledge

Are you getting the best from your commercials? Do you have a good partnership with your suppliers? Do your customers feel that they are in partnership with you? Our commercial workshops will help you to understand how to maximise your margins without detriment to your business.

Good teams are built from a solid induction, great teams grow through constant development. We deliver a solid introduction to telecoms for those joining from outside the industry as well as team building, problem solving and brainstorming workshops to create the best return for your business.

With a huge amount of attention on consumer rights, keeping on top of regulatory matters can be a real headache. We have a number of courses designed to ensure that you are up to speed on everything from General Conditions to complaints procedures.

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